About Kathryn

Transforming your health starts from the inside out.

Kathryn Matthews

I’m talking about the foods you eat, the thoughts you think, and a willingness to explore new ideas and ways of doing things. Whether it is physically changing the shape of your body (leaner, toner, tighter), having more energy to do what you love, improving the quality of your skin, making friends with stress, keeping yourself mentally sharp and focused, or feeling strong, vital and sexy—at 22, 35, 60 or 82—it’s an inside job that requires a commitment…to yourself. I learned this—the hard way—from my own personal health journey.

For decades, I was conditioned to believe that weight management, hormone balance and overall health was a function of how much iron-clad “discipline” and “willpower” you had regarding food and exercise. At different periods of my life, I counted calories, weighed my food, monitored portions and exercised harder, more frequently or intensely. When my weight was at an ideal number on the scale…I believed that I could eat or drink anything I wanted! I could live as I pleased because I looked fit. And if others validated that I looked good, fit, or healthy, then…I must be healthy! Never mind that I suffered from frequent sinus infections, low immunity, sugar cravings, bloating and intense cold intolerance (I felt freezing cold all the time!).

My wake-up call came in 2013, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and severe adrenal exhaustion (Stage 3) by an integrative physician. I received this diagnosis after 5 years of consulting various conventional medical doctors about a constellation of uncomfortable and worrisome symptoms—from heart palpitations, high blood pressure and anxiety, to brain fog and relentless fatigue—that I had been experiencing. Getting a diagnosis was a relief and validation that my symptoms were not “all in my head”, as some conventional medical doctors had suggested (along with a prescription for an antidepressant, birth control pill or prescription drug).

In retrospect, Hashimoto’s did not just randomly “happen” to me. It was the cumulative result of eating inflammatory foods, undiagnosed food sensitivities, poor lifestyle habits, living out of sync with my natural circadian rhythm, having a perfectionist mindset where nothing was ever “good enough”, an inability to set boundaries, and an unwillingness to consider that some of my favorite foods and convenience-based lifestyle choices could be “unhealthy”—despite the myriad ways my body protested. Nobody could convince me otherwise!

Hashimoto’s, however, never became my “identity”. It was an opportunity to grow into myself. I learned to trust my inner knowing, to prioritize self-care, and to honor my body’s seasonal and natural rhythms. I took the time to prepare and eat anti-inflammatory, whole food-based meals; cultivate authentic relationships; and to positively shift how I viewed exercise, sleep and stress. I also explored root causes of why I continually overcommitted my time and energy. Within a year, my health improved significantly: I had more natural energy, stronger immunity, less inflammation, optimal digestion and said good-bye to once insatiable sugar and carb cravings.

Today, we live in a culture of convenience. Whether it’s ordering food or downloading our favorite movie or music, we are conditioned to expect instant results with a single click or tap of a button. We have become detached from the source, the quality and even the human effort that goes into preparing our food, products and services. In a culture that prioritizes convenience, the driving motivation is maximizing pleasure with the least amount of effort.

Optimizing your health, however, does not happen instantaneously. It requires time, effort, curiosity, patience and commitment.

When we properly nourish and support our bodies—physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually—the possibilities are endless. I have worked with clients who have experienced amazing transformations in their health—because they were willing to do the work.


In good health,

Kathryn Matthews is a Board Certified Functional Health Coach, an educator, and a food and lifestyles writer whose articles have previously appeared in numerous publications, including The New York Times; O, The Oprah Magazine; Bon Appetit and Prevention.

A lifelong foodie and an avid home cook who has personally experienced the transformative power of eating quality, whole foods, Kathryn is the founder of The Nourished Epicurean, a website committed to mind-body health, including delicious, easy-to-make (mostly!) home-cooked recipes.

In Kathryn’s private functional coaching practice, she works remotely in the U.S. and Canada with men and women of all ages, from recent college graduates to those in their 80s.

In addition to her initial certification as a health coach, Kathryn has continually invested in her education; in particular, gut health; hormone balance, including thyroid and adrenal health; male vs. female metabolic health; cleansing and detox protocols, and the impact of environmental toxins. An advocate of healthy home cooking and a well-published food writer, she attended The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, where she completed the La Technique classic French cooking program.

As an educator, Kathryn has spoken on a diverse range of wellness topics at corporate venues, from tech start-ups to law firms, as well as holistic spas, luxury boutique hotels, community groups and private small group venues. She is passionate about helping women—and men—make the best choices to up-level their health.