“These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”   Rumi

Areas of Support



Identify your limiting beliefs. Get curious. Turn limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

Whole Foods

whole foods

Eat real, whole foods. Unaltered. As close to nature as you can get.

Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

Create a context for optimal health, strength and vitality. Make choices and cultivate habits that promote physical and emotional well-being.

taking action

You are what you do! Boost your health confidence and competence by taking action–one small step at a time.

My Approach


hormone balance

Hormones are chemical messengers in the bloodstream that, literally, run your body. Produced by your endocrine system, hormones control everything, from metabolism and digestion, to sleep, mood, libido, immune system and brain health. In turn, your food choices, lifestyle, mindset, thoughts and emotions, affect your hormones.


Good health and well-being are the result of prioritizing self-care. No one knows what it feels like to be in your body like you do! Start listening to your body’s inner wisdom: honor your body’s basic needs for sleep, nutrient-dense whole foods, movement, fresh air and human connection.

the nature connection

Nature plays an important role in our health. Honoring our circadian rhythm, exposure to natural light, sunshine, fresh air, trees and green spaces help boost immunity, balance hormones and build stress resilience.

my story

About Kathryn

Kathryn Matthews

I have a passion for beautiful, whole foods, born out of a food-loving family; from my days as a food, health and lifestyles writer; and from my own personal health journey.

For me, food is more than just fuel. Food is nourishment, comfort, culture, tradition, art on a plate, an expression of love and caring—and one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I grew up with two parents who cooked, and a mother who prepared three home-cooked meals a day. Though they were not emotionally expressive people, my parents were particular about the quality of food we ate, and they sought out farmers’ markets long before it was popular. Only later did I realize that the time, energy, and effort my parents put into preparing nourishing meals was an act of love.

Until I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid, in 2013, I lived a Type A, go-go-go New Yorker lifestyle. I cooked, but I also ate out at restaurants a lot (most nights!)! I could not conceive of starting my morning without an espresso, or getting through my afternoon without a brownie, chocolate-frosted cupcake or Snickers bar. I overcommitted my time and energy, short-changing myself on sleep—frequently going to bed way past midnight. I thought that what mattered most when it came to being, getting or staying lean and healthy was how much I exercised (at the time, 2 to 3 hours, 5 days a week). Weight management, hormone balance and health were all a matter of willpower (especially, with regard to exercise). Or so I thought.

How wrong I was.

Start Your Health Journey

optimize your wellness

It can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or stressful to meet with a healthcare practitioner in-person. Discussing symptoms (especially ones that you deem embarrassing) or any fears, anxiety and concerns around a specific health problem can feel uncomfortable. Optimize Your Wellness, a video-only service, provides a way for you to comfortably share your health challenge(s)—and to start getting the answers you seek.

body reset cleanse

A seasonal cleanse can help strengthen your immune system, tame cravings, improve sleep quality, balance mood, clear your skin, and jumpstart mindful food choices and healthy lifestyle habits. This Do-It-Yourself 7-Day Body Reset Cleanse features delicious, easy-to-make seasonal recipes and a program guide that walks you through each day step-by-step.

1:1 coaching

Choose private coaching for support, guidance and education to reclaim your health, vitality and well-being. Whether your goal is to experience less pain, increase energy, improve immune health, balance hormones, lose weight, or prevent a family history of heart disease, stroke or diabetes from becoming your reality, there is much that you can do by making positive shifts in your mindset, food choices and lifestyle habits.

lost 10 pounds—without exercise

“I would recommend Kathryn to anyone struggling with undiagnosed health conditions. With my autoimmune condition (psoriatic arthritis), I had been confused about what and how to eat. After completing the 3-month Healthy Body Reset program, I lost 10 pounds—without exercise! By modifying my food choices, my digestion improved; I was able to identify those foods that triggered an autoimmune flare-up; and, I also came to understand the impact of caffeine and alcohol on my hormones and energy level.”

Frank P.

my digestive health improved dramatically

“It was truly an honor working with Kathryn. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues. I had wanted to learn how to eat in a way that would help balance my hormones (I have fibroids and had extra weight that felt impossible to lose). I had also hoped to improve some longtime digestive problems. After working with Kathryn, my digestive health improved dramatically. My energy level is great. My mid-afternoon cravings are gone! I have lost weight and inches because of better food choices—not because I joined a gym! I now understand the importance of balancing my blood sugar. And, taking time to care for myself has made a big difference in how I look and feel.”

Carmen P.

my blood work improved significantly

“After three months of working together, my energy level has improved dramatically. My skin is softer and smoother. Even my gums are stronger and healthier. My brain fog lifted; I am now able to focus better. My blood work also improved significantly: I had lower blood sugar, lower thyroid antibodies and near-optimal thyroid levels. I am grateful for Kathryn’s knowledge and expertise, as well as her support, encouragement and generosity.”

Judy H.

Kathryn is extremely supportive and encouraging

“When I first came to see Kathryn, I was perpetually tired, and, literally, felt sick to my stomach all the time. Using the tools that Kathryn gave me, I was able to see how my eating patterns and eating habits affected my energy—and stomach—and I was able to take action to make real impactful changes. Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, but the amount of progress I was able to make after working with her for a few months shows how effective she is at what she does and how dedicated she is to her clients. Kathryn is extremely supportive and encouraging. She genuinely cares about seeing her clients meet their goals —and gives them the tools to do so. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone who is looking to make lifestyle changes and is willing to make the commitment to achieve real, meaningful changes over time. I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish in just a few months while working with Kathryn.”

Emily S.

13 questions to ask yourself

for Healthy Weight Loss

Your Guide to Successful Weight Loss: 13 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself for Healthy, Long-Term Weight Loss

Often, weight gain is a symptom that something–physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually–is out of balance in your life. And, until that imbalance(s) is addressed, any weight you lose is very likely to come back.

This guide is designed to help you pinpoint areas in your life, where you might be experiencing potential imbalances that show up as weight gain.

Home-Cooked Food: Nourishing & Delicious

blueberry coconut flour coffee cake

cinnamon roast chicken

Green Tea-Infused Salmon

green tea-infused roasted wild-caught salmon