Functional Health Coaching

What is functional health coaching?

“Functional health” is an approach that views the body as a whole and complete system. In other words, everything is connected. Your thoughts, actions, emotions, and bodily sensations (including pain) are all interrelated; a change in one affects the others.

A functional health coach meets clients where they are and takes them to where they want to be in their health journey in a way that is doable and sustainable—for them.

The goal of a functional health practitioner is to treat the root cause of symptoms rather than to simply manage symptoms.

For example, let’s say the chronic symptoms causing you concern include IBS, arthritis and eczema. Because Western medicine compartmentalizes body systems, a conventional medical doctor may refer you to three different specialists: a gastroenterologist (IBS), a rheumatologist (arthritis) and a dermatologist (eczema). Each specialist might then prescribe a medication to manage specific symptoms. A functional health coach, on the other hand, would consider how these seemingly disparate symptoms relate to each other in terms of food choices, lifestyle and mindset. In this case, a common theme is inflammation. A functional health coach might then explore potential root causes contributing to inflammation, including inflammatory food choices; lifestyle habits, like poor time management or too little sleep; exposure to environmental toxins; and other potential triggers.

Functional health coaching involves an active collaboration between coach and client.

This process is not about being spoon-fed a “quick-fix” or fast-results “meal plan” or workout regimen. Coach and client work together to create or modify choices, behaviors, routines and ways of thinking that enable the client to reach their health goals.

My style of coaching emphasizes reconnecting with your body through education (understanding why you may be experiencing certain symptoms), preparation (creating habits, routines and an environment that supports your health goals) and taking action (whether it is saying good-bye to caffeine for now or going to bed earlier). I provide you with tools and resources to take manageable steps toward optimal health.  I am here to support and guide you, and you will always receive more than adequate resources to help you reach your goals and to make good decisions for your health.


Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes!

I am interested in helping those who are willing to help themselves and to take a “beginner’s mind” approach to better health.

If you are convinced that you are doing everything “right” (despite persistent symptoms) and you are not open to new ideas or approaches, then I am not the coach for you.

When you work with me, my recommendations may include giving up certain foods or habits.

As Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, famously said: “Food IS medicine”, but it can also be poison to your body, depending on your current state of health.  In order to optimize your health; in order to look and feel good in your own body; it is up to you to make your own decisions and listen to your inner wisdom.  No one can make decisions about your health for you—not me and not your doctor.

Education is an important part of the process. It is YOUR body, YOUR health.

Take the time to educate yourself fully and communicate all desired changes with your doctor while working with me.

Getting well means making changes that may feel uncomfortable—at first. Listen to your body and rely only on yourself to decide what is best for you.

Because our bodies are constantly changing, whether because of stress, hormonal transition or aging, it is important to have an open and flexible mindset when it comes to achieving your health goals. Think of me as a partner in your unique journey. What I can guarantee: IF you commit to yourself, make quality whole food changes and cultivate healthy lifestyle habits, you WILL experience positive results.