As Your Writer/Editor

For Health Coaches and Wellness practitioners:

—Do you struggle to “find the words” when writing your bio, a business launch email or press release?

—Do you enjoy writing about health and wellness—but find editing yourself a challenge?

—Do you find struggle to communicate the benefits of your program?

—Do you feel unsure of how to write to your target audience?

—Have you ever noticed embarrassing typos, poor grammar or vital missing information (like your contact information or an incorrect event date) on your website, blog or marketing materials—only AFTER you posted or emailed to potential clients?  Or, even worse, days later only AFTER someone else pointed out your mistakes?

First impressions can make or break.  Especially when it comes to growing your wellness business.  Many potential clients will discover you through your website, your blog, your newsletter, or your marketing materials.  Just as grease-stained clothing or  poor grooming can distract—and create a less-than-professional impression…so, too, do typos, bad grammar and rambling disjointed text.  Bad or careless writing can lose a potential client—and you won’t even know it!

I can help.

As a well-published lifestyles writer, my articles about health, food and lifestyle have appeared in The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Prevention, Saveur and, among many other publications.  I was also a former contributing writer to Kitchen & Cook, a “how-to” magazine for home cooks, produced by The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  And my blog Upstate-Downtown, which I co-created with my husband, is geared toward health-minded epicureans.

Let me help you “find the words” to best express who you are, what your business is about, and to connect with the clients you want to attract.

Contact me to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your editorial needs.