Client Testimonials

Nancy Guski:  “A big thank you to Kathryn Matthews for working with me to better understand the importance of clean eating.  It is helping me to stay stronger during my treatment for Stage 2 breast cancer.  I will continue making healthy food choices long after my recovery.  I also like the way Kathryn has individualized my needs with supplements that are boosting my immune system.  She has guided me through all of this with great expertise and kind and gentle encouragement.  I can’t thank her enough!”

Carmen Pena:  “Kathryn was an Angel sent to me: she is attentive, informative and intuitive, and she knew what I needed. I wanted to learn how to eat in a way that would help balance my hormones (I have fibroids and extra weight that felt impossible to lose).  I had also hoped to improve some longtime digestive problems.

In Kathryn’s 3-month Healthy Body Reset program, I kept a Food Diary, and completed her digestive and hormone health assessments.  Kathryn provided practical tools and resources—from a Healthy Swaps list and recommended brands for the fridge and pantry, to suggested supplements and easy-to-make recipes that were specific to my digestive and hormone issues. I was able to easily incorporate all of these things into my (very busy) everyday life. Our session on how to read nutrition labels also opened my eyes about chemicals and other added ingredients that could be hurting my health.

I can’t believe how fast 3 months flew by….I have learned so much!!  My digestive health has improved dramatically.  My energy level is great.  My afternoon (3pm) cravings are gone!  I have lost weight and inches (because of better food choices—not by joining a gym!).  I have learned about the importance of balancing my blood sugar.

It was truly an honor working with Kathryn.   I have recommended her to friends and colleagues.  Because of her, I have learned the difference between eating—and eating well.  And, the importance of taking time to care for myself…it has made a big difference in how I look and feel.”

Frank Pepe:  I found Kathryn to be positive, caring, well-informed and highly professional.  I would recommend her to anyone struggling with undiagnosed health conditions.

I have had a longtime autoimmune condition (psoriatic arthritis) and digestive issues.  I also had a heart attack over a decade ago.  I was struggling with chronic fatigue and low energy—even doing the things that I loved quickly exhausted me—and I was also dealing with uncomfortable and energy-draining “flare-ups” due to my rheumatoid arthritis.

I was confused as to what I should/could eat—or not eat.  By following Kathryn’s eating plan, keeping a food diary, and tracking the measurements she asked for, I was able to identify specific foods, as well as other lifestyle stressors, that might trigger an autoimmune flare-up.  After completing the 3-month Healthy Body Reset program, I lost 10 pounds (without exercise(!), simply by modifying my diet); my digestion improved; I was able to identify those foods that triggered a flare-up; and I also came to understand the impact of caffeine and alcohol on my hormones and energy level.”

Suzanne T.:  “My main goal in working with Kathryn was to reduce belly fat.  She taught me the different factors (dietary, stress, hormones, lifestyle habits) that contribute to stubborn belly fat.

Kathryn keeps it real. She has a great way of connecting with you that quickly puts you at ease.  Even though I thought of myself as eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle overall, Kathryn directed my attention to my lack of sleep (I was sleeping 5 hours nightly, but thought this was “normal”).  I have also become mindful about drinking more water and consciously choosing lower sugar-content foods.

The most helpful aspect of my nutrition-wellness program was that it was customized to ME. Not anyone else. My issues, my lifestyle challenges, my hectic and stressful job, and my school schedule.  Kathryn listened carefully and was able to tailor workable solutions that fit me (and my life).  She is passionate about helping clients achieve a healthier lifestyle within the context of total wellness.”    

Alexandra Mullen:  My main health goal in working with Kathryn was to reduce my inflammation.  I was in a lot of pain, and my body felt like a total mess.  I had been taking birth control pills for almost a decade. They had been prescribed to help with my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome); unfortunately, the pill contributed to candida (yeast) overgrowth, which lead to many uncomfortable symptoms.

Kathryn helped me to significantly reduce my candida overgrowth (in fact, my most recent test showed no growth!). She provided education, guidance and resources to help me understand the source of my inflammation and hormone imbalances. When I followed her hormone-balancing eating plan, took the supplements she recommended, and adjusted some lifestyle habits to lower stress (e.g., less long-duration vigorous cardio), I was able to reduce my pain and inflammation by about 80%, bring my hormones into balance, conquer my carb cravings, and have more energy!

During the three months I worked with Kathryn, I was able to overcome my carb and sugar addiction; I was motivated to get into the kitchen (I had never cooked prior to seeing her!!); and I learned how to better manage my stress and get a good night’s sleep!

It was a pleasure working with Kathryn—she is awesome…inspiring, passionate (about health and hormones!) and knowledgeable. She was the perfect motivator I needed to tackle my tough health challenges; she kept it real about what was going to help me! She was very supportive through the tough days and always addressed my questions and concerns with helpful/useful information.”    

Kaitlin McGuire:  “I wanted to understand why my stomach was always bloated (and reduce that bloat!) and to lose some weight. Kathryn has helped me significantly shift toward an anti-inflammatory (and sustainable) way of eating and living. It was a surprise, but encouraging to discover—especially after working out like crazy for so long—that I could lose weight simply by making healthier eating choices (instead of spending more time at the gym). Kathryn’s guidance and review of my lab results was VERY helpful; she helped me understand the areas where I still needed work (e.g., my cholesterol and inflammation markers)—and highlighted potential “red flags” that I should discuss with my doctor.  Her hormone-balancing eating guidelines have helped me feel so much better on a day to day basis. Kathryn is incredible…I appreciated her knowledge and resources, as well as her awesome guidance and support. Working with Kathryn has been an invaluable experience; I am so grateful for all of her help!”

Caylie O’Connell:  I came into the Healthy Body Reset program looking for something more specialized than other one-size-fits-all models I had tried before. I did Whole 30 a year prior to meeting Kathryn and was choosing pizza and wine by day 31. This time around, I had Kathryn’s guidance and support and did not feel the same compulsion after completing the program. I learned so much more than what I should be eating, including how I should be eating and why. I was able to incorporate an anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing eating plan into my busy life. I appreciated Kathryn’s program structure and the education I received. I came away with an understanding of my specific dietary needs, based on my gut type and hormone symptom profile. I also learned how different types of exercise can affect hormone levels, such as cortisol, and a more-is-more approach can be detrimental to weight loss. Weekly body measurements and weigh-ins helped to quantify the subtler positive changes that were happening, which provided motivation and additional accountability.

I felt that Kathryn really heard my concerns and issues and that my needs were met. I appreciated how customized my program was to my specific needs, and the confidence this new knowledge has instilled. I know how great I can feel, and how mindful food choices can positively affect my energy, stress and sleep levels. Now if I backslide, I have the tools to get back on a healthy eating track”.

Natasha:  My main goals in working with Kathryn?  I wanted to understand how I should eat in order to prevent diabetes (I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease) and to lose weight, as well as to resolve certain pain points, like indigestion and migraine headaches.

In working with Kathryn, I was able to not only lose 10 pounds, but I also lost inches around my waist! I learned what foods are best suited for my body, given my gut type and health risk factors. I also no longer experience migraines or indigestion.

Kathryn’s program motivated me to make positive, healthy and sustainable changes in my daily life. Yes, I lost weight, but the changes I have made are also beneficial for my long-term health and longevity.

Kathryn is a very resourceful, patient and supportive coach. She does not rush you to get results; instead, she wants you to view this experience as part of a lifelong journey. Her program was customized to my needs—it took into account my bloodwork results, symptoms of hormone imbalance, comfort level and overall feeling of well-being. I also appreciate that Kathryn takes a mind-body approach to health and wellness!  Beyond food, she also emphasized safe movement (for where your body is at a given point in time), the importance of hydration, how stress affects hormone balance, weight and immunity, and how to incorporate activities to help relax the body. . I recommend Kathryn to anyone struggling with food / lifestyle issues, regardless of age, condition and location (I love that we could have Zoom video sessions when I was unable to leave the office!).

B. Griffith:  “Kathryn is very caring, professional and knowledgeable—and I would recommend her to all of my family and friends. I have a strong family history of diabetes, and my goal was not to be a diabetic dependent on medication. Although my doctor believed that she would have to put me on diabetes medication, my work with Kathryn enabled my blood glucose numbers to drop into an almost normal range. My doctor wanted to know what my “secret” was! By tweaking my diet and lifestyle, and supplementing with essential nutrients, I lost weight—without being on a restricted diet or having to count calories. 

I have energy now, too! I used to plan activities in advance, but end up not following through on my plans because I was too tired. Now, I have energy to live my life! Another big change that I’ve noticed since I started working with Kathryn is that my stomach pain and headaches have diminished. Where have you been all my life, especially in my quest to be pain-free?!”

Judy Handman:  “Working with Kathryn has been a challenging and wonderful experience. As a long-time vegetarian (50 years), I was at a loss about what to eat after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid disease) and hyperparathyroidism. Kathryn was able to really “hear” my concerns and give me the dietary and lifestyle guidance and education that I needed. Learning what to eat and why—as well as receiving delicious recipes customized to my specific digestive issues—turned out to be a fun and enjoyable experience. I even became comfortable cooking poultry and beef!

After following Kathryn’s hormone-balancing eating plan and making some adjustments in my lifestyle, my energy level has improved dramatically. My skin is softer and smoother. Even my gums are stronger and healthier. Mentally, the brain fog has lifted—I am able to focus better. In just 3 months of working together, my blood work also improved significantly (eg, lower blood sugar, lower thyroid antibodies, near-optimal thyroid levels). I am grateful for Kathryn’s knowledge and expertise, as well as her support, encouragement and generosity.”

Danielle Dostal:  “When I started working with Kathryn, I was very concerned about my ongoing fatigue, low energy, mood swings, chronic digestive discomfort and managing my weight, especially since I travel frequently for my job. Working with Kathryn has helped me to better understand my symptoms, my hormones, and what my body is communicating—as well as the changes I need to make in order to feel better.

Kathryn is a great listener who truly cares about her clients and provides them with the knowledge, tools (including recipes and supplements) and resources to make the best food choices (in the real world) and to live a healthy lifestyle.  She listened to all of my concerns and frustrations and addressed each of them with specific and do-able action steps.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I am much more mindful of the food choices I make whether eating out or cooking at home.  This has helped curb my sugar cravings (even over the holidays!), reduce my bloating and eliminate mood swings and brain fog.  I would recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants to feel better but thinks that they “don’t have the time”.  Because Kathryn can help!  She will give you the tools and support make changes based on your lifestyle IF you are willing to make small shifts or changes to reach your health goals.”

Arielle Adamy:  “I’m a new mom who is still breast-feeding, and after I did the Body Reset Cleanse, I lost 10 pounds!  This is significant because I had been stuck at my old weight no matter what I did—and I successfully released those 10 pounds during the cleanse!  I also noticed that I had way more energy and that my singing voice (I teach singing) was clear right from the start, first thing in the morning!  My sleep was also deeper and more restorative—really incredible for a mom always being awakened by a teething baby!  I also really liked the recipes, many of which I still use and were pretty easy to make.”

Fiona Bagnall:  “In working with Kathryn, I have learned to reconnect with my body on both a physical and emotional level. Kathryn helped me achieve my health goals—which included losing weight, eliminating my digestive distress, clearing up my rosacea and dealing with sugar cravings—by teaching me what to eat, how to be mindful of my own emotional needs and self-care, being conscious of my “eating environment” and by filling nutritional gaps using specific supplements.

Since I started working with Kathryn, the biggest changes I have noticed are that I no longer have brain fog; I have loads more energy; and, my once weekly migraines have disappeared. In pinpointing food sensitivities, my digestion has improved dramatically. As a client, I found Kathryn committed and supportive in helping me achieve results. She is also inspiring because she “walks the talk”. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone needs guidance and support in addressing address dietary and body issues.”

Emily S.: “When I first came to see Kathryn, I was perpetually tired, and, literally, felt sick to my stomach all the time.   Using the tools that Kathryn gave me, I was able to see how my eating patterns and eating habits affected my energy—and stomach—and I was able to take action to make real impactful changes. Lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight, but the amount of progress I was able to make after working with her for a few months shows how effective she is at what she does and how dedicated she is to her clients. Kathryn is extremely supportive and encouraging. She genuinely cares about seeing her clients meet their goals —and gives them the tools to do so. I would recommend Kathryn to anyone who is looking to make lifestyle changes and is willing to make the commitment to achieve real, meaningful changes over time. I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish in just a few months while working with Kathryn.”

Patricia Alcantara:  I’m a very busy mom. My husband and my 10-year-old daughter mean everything to me. Eating healthy has always been a priority for my family.  But, it can also feel overwhelming. I needed a system that would make it easier for me to take care of my family. Kathryn gave me so many tools and resources to do this, like an eating plan that helped me understand what foods to avoid / minimize and which ones to enjoy.  Her list of recommended brands for everything, from non-dairy “milks”, to gluten-free pastas, made food shopping much, much easier! That list is a treasure!!!  Kathryn also provided tasty “prescriptions”—a variety of family-friendly recipes to prepare at home (my family loves her coconut flour pancakes!).  Now, we’re trying new dishes, like mashed yams, asparagus soup and carrot soup with almond cheese!

In the process of working with Kathryn, I noticed that I now eat less sugar.  I also stopped craving junk food; now, I crave healthier foods. I am also on the way to become a more mindful eater.  Even better, I am also teaching my daughter how to eat mindfully. I’m grateful for the fact that my family is on a healthy eating track. If you decide to work with Kathryn, be prepared, because you are going to learn many, everyday useful tools.

M.  Wood:  In my quest to have more energy (I was tired of feeling tired and sluggish all the time), my goal was to establish healthy eating habits and to incorporate healthy home cooking into my busy life.  Over the 6 months that we worked together, Kathryn helped me create an infrastructure for this, including mindful eating practices and reducing exposure to toxins, etc. —customized to my busy life—that has enabled me achieve these goals.  She is very knowledgeable, passionate about health and an excellent resource.  Our focus on digestive health helped me see how the foods I was eating affected me—not only physically, but also emotionally.  I also learned effective ways of reducing stress—how to find time to focus on myself and my health.  Kathryn also guided me on how to effectively set up my kitchen (I’m not a cook!)—with the right tools and appliances—that would make it easier for me to eat healthfully. 

The most significant change I have noticed is that, physically, I feel so much better than I have in the past.  Through our work together, I was able to identify food sensitivities, like wheat, gluten and dairy that had been contributing to my low energy.  I also came to understand that optimizing health and nutrition is less about “you are what you eat”—it’s really about what you are able to digest and absorb.

Kathryn provided many tools and resources that enabled me to transition to healthier eating, lifestyle habits and better manage stress.  Her continual encouragement motivated me to stay on track, and she showed me how to adapt “healthy eating” when circumstances changed (eg, travel, social situations, eating at home vs work).  I would recommend Kathryn to all my friends—I already have!

Amanda Fuselli:  “My goals were to lose weight, resolve my digestive issues, and to better understand why I would have binging moments. Kathryn opened my mind to taking a different approach to eating. In the process of working with her, I discovered that I had a sensitivity to eggs—once I eliminated them, my stomach issues subsided. Kathryn also created an environment that felt safe: I felt like I could speak freely—and not be judged. I learned about stress—in all its different forms—and became much more aware of what triggers me to overeat. It was very helpful for me to learn how to heal your gut through certain foods. Kathryn’s customized program gave me guidelines, tracking tools and recipes that helped me go from eating every two hours (or grazing), to eating three meals a day and a snack. I was also able to dramatically reduce my fruit consumption from 10 to 12 servings to 2-3 servings.”

Warren Rosario:  “I recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants to start improving their health, has weight loss (or weight gain) goals, or wants to take their health to the next level.  When I began working with Kathryn, I wanted to improve my digestive health, increase energy (wanted more energy for long work days, for spending quality family time with my wife and two young boys, and for weekends), and boost my low vitamin D and low testosterone levels.

In addition to regularly assessing my symptoms, bloodwork, lifestyle habits, numbers (e.g., BMI, body fat percentage, waist measurement, weight) and food diary, Kathryn provided a healthy eating plan that gave me both structure and flexibility.  She also provided tools, resources, menus/recipes and guidance on how to stay on a healthy eating/lifestyle track (or get back on track!).

Within 3 months, my digestion improved and I had great energy!  Another unexpected (and noticeable!) happy result was weight loss.  It had not been a top health goal, but when Kathryn asked: “What would your `ideal’ weight be?”  I laughed and said: “I’d like to weigh what I did when I was in my prime—and in the best shape of my life (my mid-20s). Imagine my shock when I actually reached that weight again (without “dieting”)!”

Kathryn is a good listener and an effective communicator and coach who works with you—wherever your starting point might be—to help you achieve your health goals. This is not a New Year’s Resolution “quick fix”.  Kathryn’s “Healthy Eating Blueprint for Men” program is an investment in yourself—and a great way to make positive, do-able and sustainable changes in your life.

Michele Carpenter:  “Kathryn inspires me to eat right! She’s an inner voice buzzing in my mind whenever I make food choices. I learned so much from doing Kathryn’s 7-Day Body Reset Cleanse. I now understand which foods make my body feel good, happy and energized and which foods make me feel bad, bloated, or trigger stomach pain. Just by “eating clean” (vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats), I lost 4 pounds—without even trying!  I have great energy and experience deeper, sounder sleep.  I can now look at chocolate—and not want it.  I have learned how not to be an emotional eater and how to deal with cravings.  Best of all, I enjoyed the recipes—they were tasty and delicious—and I never felt deprived or hungry during the cleanse.  I will continue to incorporate Kathryn’s cleanse recipes into my regular, home cooking meal plans.”

Jill Pond:  “At a recent family function, everyone told me how great I looked—not only did they notice my weight loss; I also got a lot of compliments about my skin and hair!  Doing Kathryn’s 7-Day Body Reset Cleanse brought me closer to being healthy than anything else I’ve done previously.  I haven’t felt this good—or looked this good—in a very long time, and I really do owe it all to Kathryn.

By doing the Guided 7-Day Body Reset Cleanse, I lost 7 pounds and my energy and digestive health improved. I also felt emotionally lighter—optimistic and positive, mood-wise.  With the guided version of the cleanse, I had access to Kathryn—which was super helpful as I had many questions, and her guidance and support enabled me to stay on track.”

Darnell Sutton:  “Before I started working with Kathryn, I was tired all the time; I got winded very quickly; and I was always worried about my high cholesterol and my heart health. I was also very confused about the “right” foods to be eating—were nuts too high in fat?  Would eating fatty fish help lower my cholesterol?  Should I be eating only low-fat or no-fat foods?  My chronic exhaustion affected my personal relationships—because I had so little energy, I had no desire to socialize with friends.  I also struggled with persistent stomach pain and digestive issues.

With Kathryn’s guidance and support, I now have a constant, sustained level of energy throughout the day.  She created a program for me that got results.  Her program included suggested meals, healthy dine out / cook-in options, customized supplementation, even a session at the Union Square farmers’ market where I learned how to ask farmers the right questions. Since working with Kathryn, my cholesterol has come down. My digestive health has improved significantly.  And, now, I rarely experience stomach pain.

By making her suggested (small) changes within the context of my very busy life, I experienced big results.  I now know what and how I should be eating in a way that gives me energy, keeps me full and satisfied, and prevents me from mindlessly eating sugar.  I feel confident about my food choices, whether I’m cooking at home—or eating out with friends. I am experiencing greater drive, focus and productivity. I feel happier and more confident in my own body, and friends and colleagues have commented on my weight loss (not that I was trying to lose weight!).  And, yes, I have the energy and desire to spend time with friends again!”

Bethany Weise:  “I was excited to do the Guided 7-Day Body Reset Cleanse because I was tired of feeling bloated, heavy, sluggish, lethargic and unmotivated.  I wanted use this cleanse as an opportunity to jumpstart my health.

And it did!  Though I had a couple of “getting-over-the-hump” days, the 3 sessions with Kathryn really helped me stay on track.

I’m proud to say that I finished the entire 7 day cleanse …and the rewards—clearer skin, weight loss (7 pounds!), deeper sleep and feeling more positive and energized—were well worth the effort.  I’m happy that I did the cleanse, and I’m happy with the results.  I’m now much more attuned to when I’ve eaten something unpleasant or if I’ve eaten too much.”