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Health & Wellness | SheKnows.com

♦  How to use your menstrual cycle to your fat-burning advantage

♦  Bone Broth: an easy and delicious way to a healthier diet

♦  How aluminum harms our health—and our exposure is high

♦  How many toxins is your baby getting in the womb?

♦  The downside to antioxidants

♦  Spring cleaning: Detox vs. Cleanse

Country Life | The New York Times

♦ In the Hudson Valley, Farmers’ Markets Offer Local Food and Local Chat 

♦ Hudson Valley Views

♦ Martin Van Buren Slept Here

♦ This Old House Has Ghosts

♦ Strolling the Gardens of Science

♦ When It’s Your Animal House

Delicious Eats

♦ The New York Times: In Pittsburgh, Trading Pirogi for Farm-to-Table Fare

♦ The New York Times: In the Hudson Valley, Farmers’ Markets Offer Local Food and Local Chat 

♦ The New York Times: Foodies on the Hudson 

♦ Upstate-Downtown: Pick of the Late Summer Crop

♦ Upstate-Downtown: Feast on Happy Fowl (not Foul Chicken)

♦ Upstate-Downtown: Happy Cows Make Great Chili

♦ Epicurious.com: Healthy Thanksgiving: When Less Is More 

♦ Saveur: Poached Funghi

Move More

♦ Upstate-Downtown: Happy Trails!

♦ The New York Times: Ski Country Abounding in Off-Season Charms

♦ The New York Times: Hudson Valley Views

♦ Forbes.com: Awesome Austin

Mind-Body Healthy Living…

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: Ready For Your Screen Tests

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: Bladder 101: 5 Tips for Controlling OAB

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: Toxin Confidential

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: 8 Ways to Survive Holiday Parties Without Gaining Weight

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: 7 Ways to Restart A Day

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: Marital Mood Leak: Feelings May Be Contagious

♦ O, The Oprah Magazine: The Dear John Talk and Other Dreaded Conversations

 O, The Oprah Magazine: Romance Rehab

 Prevention: Stay-Slim Secrets of America’s Top Chefs

 Cooking Light: Cold Comfort

 Green Cleaning Magazine: People We Love: 8 Questions with Dr. Bronner’s President David Bronner