Poached Black Cod

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Despite its name, black cod is NOT a member of the cod family; it is a member of the fish family, Anoplopomatidae, which thrive in the Pacific Northwest waters. Black cod is also known as sable fish or butter fish (aptly named).

Its high, healthy fat content gives black cod a soft, silky texture and luxurious, buttery mouthfeel. It’s a delectable source of high-quality protein, and it contains more omega-3 fats than any other white fish; it even rivals wild-caught salmon as an omega 3 source! (Think how happy you’ll make the ovaries, thyroid and adrenal glands; they LOVE healthy fats!). Black cod is also a good source of minerals, like iron, calcium and copper.

My favorite way of eating black is very simple (and quick to prepare): poached black cod. Black cod can fetch a pretty penny when you order it at a restaurant. But, you can save yourself a bundle if you prepare it at home. As wild-caught fish go, it’s reasonably priced at $14.99/lb.

Poached Black Cod

Add 1 quart of filtered water to a wide-bottomed, stainless steel skillet with sides that are apx. two inches high. Cover. Bring water to a boil over high heat.  To the boiling water, add 1 pound of black cod, cut into four 4-oz pieces. When water come back to a boil, reduce heat immediately. Simmer, covered, for apx. 6 minutes. Transfer to plate or serving platter with a slotted spatula.

I like to drizzle high-quality, extra-virgin olive oil over poached black cod (yum! More healthy fat!) OR top with a generous dollop of cilantro pesto and serve with raw or cooked greens.

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