Welcome to the Year of the Tiger!

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It’s the Year of the Water Tiger! What does this mean for us?

In the Chinese zodiac, the tiger represents power, daring and a tendency to do everything on a grand scale. The tiger is associated with qualities, such as strength, boldness, passion and bravery.

This is why the theme of Tiger years is about going big (as in taking risks)—or going home.

The element of water adds another layer to this particular Tiger year. The water element represents wealth and health. So, while 2022 is a year that could bring financial abundance, it is also an important year to pay attention to your health.

Water Tiger years are also associated with strong and, at times, fluctuating emotions. Some people thrive amid chaos. So, on the positive side, you may finally have the courage to pursue a longtime passion (e.g., starting your own business). On the flip side, negative attributes associated with the water element are fear, tentativeness and indecisiveness, which can leave you feeling “stuck” in a job, relationship or circumstance.

Because tigers are quick to action, we can expect the Year of the Tiger to be filled with drama—whether in personal relationships, career or a political climate of unrest and/or upheaval.  So, be prepared for people, places, circumstances and situations to suddenly or radically change—without warning!

Wishing you an abundant, healthy and happy Year of the Tiger!

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